Who We Are

Creativity and Self Esteem

Through Art, music, dramatic play and social interaction a child learns how to explore creativity and build self-esteem.

Our Shared Value

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential.  A child consists of many parts, including the following:  physical, emotional, social, and academic needs.

Our Promise

To build and enhance our program continuously, together with parents we can provide a learning and healthy development of the children. 

To establish, maintain, and value an open ongoing communication between teachers and parents by welcoming and sharing ideas.

To make our childcare center a community of friendships that supports our activities, and enhances the development of the children in our care—strengthen the ties that connect the home with our center. 

To supplement the primary role of parents in providing the safety, security, and care that the children should be receiving in the home.